A Quality Framework for Digital Learning

Using CWiC

There are a handful of different ways to access and use the CWiC Framework, including:

  1. On coursewareincontext.org you can download the Primer and Framework in PDF and Excel formats and search the Research Collection.
  2. The LearnPlatform incorporates the CWiC Product Taxonomy and Implementation Guides, plus the CWiC Product Primer. Get started by creating a free account at learnplatform.com. Note: Some of the CWiC Framework functionality requires a paid subscription.
  3. The EdSurge Product Index incorporates elements of the CWiC Product Taxonomy to help with product discovery and comparison.

Learn more about which means of using the framework may be right for you below.

Phase of courseware selection / implementation:

Exploring Courseware Products

  • Coursewareincontext.org: Use the CWiC Primer in PDF form  form to better understand which product capability areas should be prioritized in your product selection process and to see a few questions to ask your vendor to help you understand the presence of those capabilities.
  • LearnPlatform: Use the CWiC Primer by navigating to Advanced Search in the product library. From there, selecting “show only products with CWiC Framework” and select your instructional scenario.  The search results will show products with the capabilities suited for your instructional scenario to help you narrow your search.

Selecting / Evaluating a Courseware Product

  • Coursewareincontext.org: Fill out the CWiC Framework’s Product Taxonomy as you demo or use a product to help understand its functionality. You can either print out the PDF version of the full Framework to complete with paper and pen or complete the Product Taxonomy in the relevant tab of the CWiC Framework Excel file for easy sharing with colleagues.
  • LearnPlatform: Look for products with a CWiC Framework by using the Advanced Search function in the product library and selecting “Show only products with CWiC Framework”. Then click on the product you are interested in and see the “Features” tab to access the product review against the CWiC Product Taxonomy. You can also complete the CWiC Framework Product Taxonomy yourself if your institution subscribes to LearnPlatform.
    • Tip: If a product you are interested in does not have a completed CWiC Taxonomy Feature analysis in the LearnPlatform, you can request that they complete it through the LearnPlatform system.
  • EdSurge Product Index: Access the Product Index to help filter your search by product features found in the CWiC Framework. You can also use the EdSurge product comparison tool to look at the features of different products side-by-side.

Seeking To Better Understand the Learning Science Behind Courseware

  • Coursewareincontext.org: Use the Research Collection, found in the Research Collection tab, to search for published research on the efficacy of digital learning.  Search by keyword or filter by capability, study context, and/or method to help you streamline your search and come up to speed on digital learning and its impacts.

Performing a Review of a Courseware Implementation

  • Coursewareincontext.org: Review the Course and Institution-Level Implementation Guides in addition to evaluating your courseware product using the Product Taxonomy to get a holistic picture of your courseware implementation by either downloading the PDF or Excel versions of the CWiC Framework.
    • Tip: The Excel version is easier to use if you’re collecting inputs from multiple people.
  • LearnPlatform: Use the interactive version of the Course and Institution- level Implementation Guides in addition to the product evaluation to complete a full review of your implementation at the course level. Note: This functionality is available to paid subscribers only.