A Quality Framework for Digital Learning

Research Collection

Looking for a resource on digital learning? Browse our collection of empirical studies and review papers, tagged to product capabilities in the CWiC Framework. The studies in the collection involve a broad range of implementation practices and institutional conditions.  Here are a few ways that the Research Collection may be used.

  • An instructional designer is working on course design and would like to understand how specific product capabilities have been applied in the past and what impact they have had.  By accessing the Research Collection and searching for research on specific product capabilities, instructional designers can apply their learnings to improve course development and courseware product selection.
  • An administrator is helping to select a digital learning tool or decide on institutional digital policy / initiative and needs to be up to date on research related to courseware or specific capabilities.  Looking at the Research Collection or research tear sheets offers streamlined access to a wealth of information to inform product or policy decisions.
  • Researchers looking for sources related to digital learning for their own analysis or to inform their research can access a curated collection of peer reviewed studies and filter their search by study context, publication type, product capability and more.

Do you know of research that examines the efficacy of courseware capabilities or features?  Please suggest an additional resource for the research collection below.