A Quality Framework for Digital Learning


What is the CWiC Framework?

The CWiC Framework supports postsecondary decision-makers in effectively navigating the market of courseware solutions. It is designed to help you make better-informed adoption and implementation decisions with the goal of advancing the adoption of high-quality digital courseware in higher education and ultimately achieving improved outcomes for students. As a guide for broadening your awareness and equipping you with helpful decision making tools, the Framework offers an inventory of product capabilities, as well as implementation considerations foundational to enhancing and improving blended and online teaching and learning with digital courseware.

The Framework consists of four components:

As the context for digital courseware evolves in this dynamic market, so too will the components of the Framework. Feedback from the community of users will guide future iterations and applications of this tool.

One Framework, Many Use Cases

The CWiC Framework was designed for users involved in the selection and adoption of courseware at postsecondary institutions, including faculty, instructional designers, and academic administrators.

The components of the Framework can be used individually or in combination to help instructors, instructional designers and administrators to achieve their goals for courseware implementation. Based on user feedback, a light version of the Product Taxonomy, called the “Product Primer” was developed to help with initial product exploration. Common use cases for the CWiC Framework and its components are shown below.

Access the LearnPlatform here.

Access the EdSurge Product Index here.

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