A Quality Framework for Digital Learning


January 27, 2017

Lea(R)n Interactive CWiC Platform

Courseware in Context has partnered with Lea(R)n to create a web-based, interactive platform for the CWiC Framework.  Vendors that are interested in aligning their products to the CWiC Framework for inclusion in this tool and institutional users looking to access the CWiC framework can do so here.

Navigating the landscape of digital learning tools and curriculum is complex.  Through our partnership with Lea(R)n, the interactive version of the CWiC Framework can help you streamline an RFP process, as well as evaluate courseware pre- and post-implementation. 

Evaluating a product’s features can be time consuming.  With the interactive version of the CWiC Framework, you can continue to do your own evaluations in addition to view evaluations that vendors have filled out for their own products.  If a product is missing a feature analysis that you’d like to see, you can request that the vendor fill out the information in one click on the feature tab of the product profile – saving your team and peers at other institutions lots of time.

To access products that have filled out the CWiC Framework, create a free account on the Lea(R)n Platform.  Click on the Product Library tab, then Advanced Search, then select “Show only products with CWiC Framework.”

Courseware vendors interested in learning more about CWiC on the Learn Platform are invited to view the webinar recording below.