A Quality Framework for Digital Learning


October 11, 2016

OLC’s Digital Courseware Facilitation tool

We invite faculty members seeking to learn more about improving their teaching practices in online / blended environments using courseware to check out the Online Learning Consortium’s (OLC’s) Digital Courseware Facilitation tool. The downloadable Digital Courseware Facilitation (DCF) tool includes 10 indicators from the Digital Courseware Instructional Practice (DCIP) scorecard, a new resource that will be showcased for the first time at the OLC Accelerate conference in November of 2016.

Given the emphasis on and emergence of more digital courseware solutions in college and university curriculum, it is anticipated that the DCIP and DCF will undergo an aggressive schedule of updates to ensure their relevancy in the ever evolving digital learning landscape.

The development of this tool began with the latest in the OLC’s suite of quality scorecards – the Quality Course Teaching and Instructional Practice (QCTIP) scorecard. With a focus on teaching using digital courseware, relevant indicators were culled from the QCTIP to form the Digital Courseware Instructional Practice (DCIP) scorecard. The QCTIP is a comprehensive 97 indicator scorecard focusing on indicators of quality teaching of online and blended courses. Using the Delphi research methodology, a panel of 58 experts came to consensus, after five survey rounds, concerning which of the 218 possible indicators should be included in the scorecard. The indicators were derived from the research literature on effective teaching practices. The research was conducted by Dr. Kaye Shelton from Lamar University in the summer of 2016.

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