A Quality Framework for Digital Learning

Research shows that decision-makers are starved for time to discover and rigorously evaluate courseware.

The CWiC Framework equips higher education to overcome this barrier in support of improved digital learning. Download the CWiC Framework or use online via LearnPlatform or EdSurge.

What is the CWiC Framework?

The CWiC Framework supports postsecondary decision-makers in effectively navigating the market of courseware solutions. It is designed to help you make better-informed adoption and implementation decisions with the goal of advancing the adoption of high-quality digital courseware in higher education and ultimately achieving improved outcomes for students. As a guide for broadening your awareness and equipping you with helpful decision-making tools, the Framework offers an inventory of product capabilities, as well as implementation considerations foundational to enhancing and improving blended and online teaching and learning with digital courseware.

The CWiC Framework is embedded in the LearnPlatform and the EdSurge Product Index.  You can also download CWiC Framework tools below.

Learn more by watching this brief explainer video:

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How do you plan to use the CWiC Framework?


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Start with the CWiC Product Primer.

This abbreviated version of the CWiC Framework will help you identify key capabilities to focus on in product exploration depending on your goals and context for courseware adoption. It is ideal for faculty and administrators just beginning to explore courseware products.  Aspects of the Product Primer are built into the LearnPlatform for an interactive experience.  Simply select your instructional scenario when performing an advanced search in the LearnPlatform Product Library.  Don’t forget to check that you only want to see products with a completed CWiC Framework!  You can also download the tools in a printable, sharable form below.


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Go deeper with the CWiC Framework Product Taxonomy and Research COLLECTION.


The CWiC Product Taxonomy is designed to inform the selection or evaluation of a particular courseware product. It is ideal for instructional designers completing a thorough product review.  The Research Collection allows you to dig into the evidence of efficacy aligned to product capabilities in the Product Taxonomy to learn more about how products work.

The CWiC Product Taxonomy is embedded in the CWiC Framework.  To evaluate a product using the CWiC Product Taxonomy refer to the downloadable PDF or the Taxonomy Tabs in the Excel document. The CWiC Product Taxonomy is also embedded in the LearnPlatform and EdSurge Product Index, and you can access vendor-provided reviews of courseware products against the taxonomy on those sites for free.

The searchable Research Collection is available here.

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Use the Research Collection to search for published research on the efficacy of digital learning.


The CWiC Research Collection includes several hundred peer-reviewed studies on digital learning, each tagged to a product capability from the CWiC Taxonomy. This resource allows you to search by keyword or filter by Capability, study context, and/or method to help you streamline your search and come up to speed on digital learning and its impacts.

Access the searchable Research Collection.


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Use the entire CWiC Framework.

The framework includes the CWiC Product Taxonomy, plus Course and Institution-Level Implementation Guides used to assess the quality of a courseware implementation. It is an ideal on-ramp for administrators completing reviews of online and blended courses using the Online Learning Consortium Scorecards.

You can download the entire CWiC Framework in PDF and Excel formats below or access an interactive version on the LearnPlatform.

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